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Peter Imsdahl

(Frog Walks Into a Bar) By Peter Imsdahl “Why do they jump?” Paul asked, fingering a twig he had picked up from the forest floor on their way
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Mark Crimmins

WHAT CHARLIE SAID by Mark Crimmins He told me that the first time he met me he thought I was an asshole, because I had replied to everything
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Rebecca Givens Rolland

REVEALING THE FACE by Rebecca Givens Rolland It was an ordinary morning when Sarah first met the girl. Sarah was standing in her third-floor office brushing her hair, only
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Frank Scozzari

TOO OLD FOR WAR by Frank Scozzari Old Makatiku looked wearily upon the young Kantaku. A pillar of youth he was, standing more than two meters in height
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Daniel Davis

FRIENDS WHO HELP THEIR FRIENDS by Daniel Davis Gambling with Rick is kind of like being jealous of God. There’s no point to it. You can bring your
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